About Us

The Canadian Organization of Traditional Taiji Quan Association (COTTQA) was founded in 2005 by many dedicated practitioners of Taiji Quan.   The official inauguration ceremony was celebrated on January 8th 2005 and showcased an outstanding support from organizations and practitioners belonging to the Wushu, Kung-Fu and Taiji Quan communities.  

2005 - 2006
Founding Board of Directors & Executive Members

The COTTQA Board of Directors is regularly elected by its members.  In addition Advisors and Councils are formed to support the Board in realizing its goals and objectives.  
COTTQA was established to:
  • Promote the practice and appreciation of traditional Taiji Quan, an ancient martial art and exercise movement system for active and healthy lifestyle in Canada
  • Provide a platform for all practitioners, schools and associations of all styles to actively share in understanding and providing a strong unifying interest in their appreciation in Taiji Quan
  • Encourage sharing and extending of experience between Taiji Quan practitioners within Canada and worldwide through joint events, seminars, workshops and social events
  • Organize national and international Taiji Quan competitions, training and certification of competition judges
  • Contribute to communities by sharing information about the benefits of Taiji Quan practice as a form of an active and healthy lifestyle 
  • Support athletes representing Canada in International Taiji Quan competitions

We welcome all Taiji Quan enthusiasts to join and help our dedicated teams. 

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