2013 Canadian Open


2013 Canadian Open Taiji Championships

was successfully held at

Centennial College, Scarborough, Ontario  


**Top 10 high scorers
 Name  Score 
Jian Ping Ding29.033
Derek Lau 25.033
Simon Poon 24.133
Matilda Liu 24.033
5Mila Katzenberg


6Eric Ziegler


7Jacqueline Hau



Karine Van Chesteing 


Liang Ming Luo


10   Artis Chan



  **1) The above total scores of each participant consists of the highest scores of 3 events including hand forms and weapon forms.

2) Participants with 3 events or more but totally in hand forms or weapon forms are excluded. Please refer to page 5 of the information package. 

RESULT:(please click below)






Taolu competition held on Saturday July 20, 2013

9:30 am - 5:00 pm 


Push Hands competition held on Sunday July 21, 2013

10:30 am - 5:00 pm

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Experience the flexibility, grace and power of taiji quan 

2013 Canadian Open Taiji Championships     

Organized by: COTTQA

Sanctioned by: Wushu Canada 

Centennial College

Athletics and Wellness Centre

941 Progress Avenue

     Scarborough, Ontario, Canada

Patrick Wu - patrickwu18@hotmail.com

or Paul Rumyee - prumyee@rogers.com


Q & A of the 2013 Canadian Open Taiji Championships

Q 1.    How do I know my registration form and the payment have been received by your organization?

A 1.     Upon receipt of your registration, we will confirm to you by email. In this connection, you should provide us your email address at the registration form. If you do not receive our confirmation, you should inform us immediately.

Q 2.     I have recently registered with Wushu Ontario/Wushu Canada as a member whereas I don’t know my membership number and I don’t have the membership card. Should I pay the non-member’s registration fee?

A 2.      If you’re quite sure Wushu Ontario/Wushu Canada have received your membership application, then you may pay the member’s registration fee for the Taiji Championships.

Q 3.     When will I know the time schedule of my participating events?

A 3.      We will endeavour to post the time schedule for all events at the website as soon as possible.

Q 4.     How do I know my score after the championships?

A 4.     The competition result together with individual score will be posted in our website.

Q 5.     When and where can I buy the admission ticket?

A 5.     Admission ticket $12 per person can be purchased at door on that day or before that day at the associated clubs/schools.

Q 6.     What should I do when I arrive at the venue at that day?

A 6.     Participants should approach the Taiji registration table to obtain your competition permit. You should wear it at all time for identification purpose at the Championships. If you lose such permit, a reissued fee of $30 cash is required.

Q 7.     How do you calculate the scores for the highest scorers?

A 7.     Your highest scores of 3 events will be used to determine whether you will be one of the highest scorers. The 3 events must consist of at least 1 hand form and 1 weapon form.



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