2006 International Pan Am Championship Gala Dinner 
July 23, 2006

The 2006 International Pan Am Championship Gala Dinner was honoured with special guests:
Mr. Wang Xiaolin - President of the Chinese Wushu Association;
Mr. Kang Gewu - Secretary General of the Chinese Wushu Association; and
Mr. Michael Chong - Honourable Minister of Intergovenrmental Affairs and Sport.

The Honourable Mr. Michael Chong and group of COTTQA members

2005 COTTQA Inaugural Ceremony & Banquet 

On January 8th 2005 a banquet was held as the COTTQA's Inaugural Ceremony which was organized as a means of introducing the organization to the Wushu and Kung-fu community. All styles were represented and demonstrated at the banquet.  

2005 COTTQA Executive Members

2005 COTTQA Executive Members and Honourable Presidents and Advisors


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