2009 Canadian Open

  Experience the fluidity, grace & power of taiji chuan


For competition rules and other inquiries, please email us at cottqa@yahoo.ca with your name & location. 


The Canadian Organization of Traditional Taiji Quan Associations
invites all Taiji Sifus and practitioners to another celebrations of this martial arts at the -

2009 Canadian Open Taiji Championships

Saturday September 12, 2009

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
5183-5193 Sheppard Avenue (East)
Scarborough, ON Canada M1B 5Z5
(entrance by the brown building)

Taiji championships in traditional styles including Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun and Wu/Hao styles
Several event categories in single & group hand forms, weapons and push hands
Showcase of taiji martial artists from all ages competing for top spots 
Open championships with participations from across Canada and internationally
Special Grand Championships awards


  • Taolu (Traditional taiji hand form): Chen, Yang, Wu, Sun, Wu/Ha styles and others;
  • International Competition taiji hand form: 42 competition, 24 simplified, 54 form Wu, others
  • Traditional taiji weapon forms (short & long weapons)
  • Taiji push hands: Fixed Steps & Moving Steps
  • Taolu Group Form: min 4 max 8 per group;


Canadian Organization of Traditional Taiji Quan Associations

COTTQA has been established to promote the practice and appreciation of traditional Taiji Quan in Canada.  It is a platform for practitioners, schools and associations from all styles to share in the understanding and practice of Taiji Quan.  This championship will feature several categories in hand and weapons forms, as well as fixed and moving step push hands.  Taiji practitioners will enjoy competing in a friendly atmosphere which promotes Taiji Quan for an active and healthy lifestyle. It is also an opportunity for our Taiji community to meet and celebrate together in mind and action.

Please join us at the 2009 Championships as an event competitor, a spectator or a volunteer.


For competition rules and other inquiries, please email us at cottqa@yahoo.ca with your name & location.  See you there!

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